Nothing is Catching My Eye

Days just merging one to another … a sameness that is making me concerned about my future.  I attended two Chamber of Commerce functions today.  The first was a meeting of the Business Advocacy committee … and then the Beaches council lunch.  More schmoozing, more gripping and grinning, maybe something will come of it down the road.  I sure hope so.


Bret Favre is retiring … again.  Make it real this time, Bret.  Call it a career.  I would if I were you.  But I’m not you and I’ve never suited up to play in the NFL.  What a rush that must be.  You were great … one of the greatest.  Maybe not so much any more.  Go out with what’s left of your dignity intact.  Don’t make me write a sketch like I did for “The Never-Ending Cher Farewell Tour”.


A couple more words on last night’s crowd at The Comedy Zone.  I mentioned last night that it was one of those groups who though sexual innuendo and 4th grade bathroom humor is just hysterical.  Every suggestion had to do with sex or poop.  And unfortunately, the few who were dominating the suggestions kept others from speaking up.  It happens.

There are a couple of those people in every crowd.  They usually make themselves known early.  They think “tampon” and “proctologist” are the funniest things ever, and that they’re the first ones to ever give us those suggestions.  Usually, we get at least one “They’re Gay” suggestion for a scene game.  I’m not sure why that’s supposed to be so funny, but apparently it’s the funniest thing ever.

Still, the bad audiences make the good ones so much better.

It was a pretty small crowd last night, which allowed the couple of wanna-be comedians in the audience even more prominent.  But, we worked through it.  And we had a good laugh about it after the show.

But that’s about it.  Things are going crashingly slowly.

Something will come along.  I’ve got to keep believing that.



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