Maybe This Time …

I’ll be serious about it.

I’ve worked really hard today NOT to overeat.  Really hard.  But still not into a great routine.

I ran into a former co-worker at my morning meeting.  We sat and talked, and I had a 4th cup of coffee or some such.  By that time, I’d completely lost track.  But it was good to talk to someone from the place.

Anyway, I got home about 10:30, made an omelet, and got the bike out of the shed for the first time in probably over a month.  Lunch was a cup of yogurt, dinner was a leftover piece of salmon from last night and some green beans, and then I had a bowl of soup when I got home from rehearsal.  So, I probably consumed between 1700 and 2000 calories today, and burned somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 to 1000 riding 18 miles.  I think that nets out pretty well, but this is NOT going to be easy.

I’ve gained some weight since I was let go from WJCT … and was kind of gaining before that too.  It’s not horrible yet, but it’s not great either.

It felt good to ride again.  I’d bought two new pairs of bike shorts earlier this month, expecting to ride more.  But the weather has been so cold and miserable that I just haven’t felt like getting out and exercising.  I’ve got to get myself back in a mindset that I really need to pay attention, and that just a little bit of what ever it is won’t hurt me.  It will.

I know I’ve said this before, but I’ve approach this like an alcoholic approaches not drinking … one day at a time.  Maybe I need a sponsor, too.

Of course, I watch a lot of Food Network, which is probably a little bit like waving a red cape in front of a bull.  So much attractive-looking food on the commercials AND the programs … which makes the DVR even more important.

I’ve written in these pages before that you can’t just wean yourself off food.  You can do without almost anything else, but if you wean yourself off food, you wean yourself off life.

What I CAN do, is cook less.  And then not eat after dinner.

It all seems so simple.  But there’s a commercial currently running for Weight Watchers, I think, which has an Elmo-looking puppet thing that is “hunger, trying to sabotage all your efforts”, or something like that.  Hunger is the bane of me … along with boredom.  I don’t know how to combat the trips to the kitchen while I’m here working online searching out what’s coming next.  I think I want what’s coming next to get here soon, so I’m not at home nearly so much.  But until then, I’ve got to dig deep for the kind of willpower that allowed me to quit smoking cold turkey back in the ’80’s … and see if I can tap into that again.  But quitting smoking saw immediate results.  Every minute you didn’t smoke was a step towards being a non-smoker.  I’ll never be a non-eater.

But I’ve got to try to get close.




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