Football Withdrawal

This was the first post-super-bowl weekend.  Today started like most Sundays.  Sleeping late, paper and coffee on the sun porch, too much breakfast while watching Sunday Morning on the DVR.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

But then, Sunday Morning was done … and there was no football pregame show to tune to.  No analysis of teams on the rise, or crashing, no endless discussion of playoff scenarios, no clash on the turf, no circus catches or goal line interceptions or last minute drives.  What to do?

I have to admit, professional football is a weakness.  I enjoy it probably a little too much.  I won’t watch at the exclusion of doing anything else on a Sunday, but if I’m home, and a game is on, I’ll watch.

But this week, no such luck.  After watching an old “Dirty Jobs”, then an older “Survivorman”, we actually got out of the house.

All in all, a very quiet weekend.

The rest of the day was on small chores.  Photographing golf balls so that Andie’s dad can put them on Craigs List.  Dinner at Busy and Tims, and now an old Bond Movie.

College Basketball isn’t holding much interest for me this year, as Indiana is playing very poorly.  I guess I should spend my Sunday’s now enjoying my boat, while I still have it.




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