Another Lousy Sunset

SM Sunset 6 A friend of mine used to say that he’d like to go to Mallory Square in Key West … where people gather pretty much nightly to “ooh” and “ahh” over the setting sun … and shout “WHAT AN UGLY SUNSET”, then run for a nearby bar.  Still, there is very little that captures the imagination like a sunset, and the one that greeted us last Saturday at St. Marys was worth sitting by the river in a biting wind to photograph.

The sky was just taking on this orange glow as we parked the car and walked down to the river.  St. Marys, Georgia, is a tiny little town just across the Florida/Georgia border that is a collection of quaint shops, a few restaurants, bed and breakfast inns, a bar or two, and the ferry service over to Cumberland Island.  There is also a small marina, but not a lot of slips.  These sailboats ride at moorings out of the channel, catching the setting sun.

SM Sunset 5The flaring you see when you look at the photo in it’s original size on Flickr is distortion from the lens and filter … not the sun exploding into a supernova.

I loved how sun shone through the windows of the boat at the dock, looking as if there were lights on on board.  I shot this at F5 and 1/1250 second … ISO 400 and white balance set for full sunlight.

As the sun dropped below the horizon, the temperature fell as well.  The breeze was out of the north, adding to our discomfort, but the colors and composition outweighed my discomfort, and I waited for the sun to finish it’s fall from the sky.

SM Sunset 7 We didn’t have to wait very long.  Which was a good thing, because dinner at Maryanne Sterling’s Cafe was calling our name.  It was one of Andie’s favorites when she was working up in St Marys selling houses for LandMar.  Or trying to.  Not much was selling, and landMar was already in pretty dire straits.  But I digress.

It soon became too dark to shoot handheld in existing light … and my tripod was back at the house.  I know, a bad place for it, but I wasn’t going to be getting any long exposures.  It was, however, a delightful sunset at the end of a very nice day.  One in which I’d mostly forgotten I don’t have a job, and was able to focus on something positive, and beautiful.  Just another lousy sunset.



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