One Show to Go

Before we take a break.  Fred has stuff scheduled through the rest of February, so we’ll play next Tuesday at Comedy Zone, and then probably not for 2 or 3 weeks.  That’s OK … it’ll give us a little more time to work through some new games and gel better as a troupe.

We had a pretty darn good show tonight.  And a pretty good audience, too.

I don’t have a lot in the box tonight.  It’s been a slow couple of days at the job search, and I skipped a chamber mixer tonight in order to play at CZ, and I missed a meeting at JCCI at noon today to take mom to the dentist.  I have one meeting tomorrow, and I’ve sent out a few more resumes.

Wow, former Governor Blagojavich is on Letterman tonight.  I don’t know if that’s outrageous chuztpah, or just plain cluelessness.  I guess we’ll find out in about half an hour, if I make it that long.

Speaking of television, I saw a promo the other day for Celebrity Apprentice.  Yes, Donald Trump, the ultimate “B” celebrity, has a bunch of “B” celebrities “apprenticing” for him.  The only one I remember seeing is Joan Rivers … but it seems like “Celebrity Apprentice” is becoming the “Love Boat” or “Fantasy Island” of the 21st century.  Career in the dumper?  Make a comeback on “love Boat”.  Or grab the handle and flush.  It seemed like every celebrity on the way down wound up on that show, “Fantasy Island”, or as the lower left hand square on “Hollywood Squares”.  Now, they show up as apprentices on “Celebrity Apprentice” for the opportunity for Donald Trump to tell them “Your Fired”.

Not like none of them have heard THAT before.



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