Finding My Eye

That felt good.

After spending a couple of hours this afternoon working in the townhouse, throwing away big piles of stuff, we jumped in the ragtop and headed north to Amelia Island and St. Marys Georgia … ostensibly on a cigar run, but mostly just to get out of the house.  That’s good for me.  Even though I’ve been running back and forth mostly downtown to meetings and for networking, it was nice to put that all aside and just go for the pleasure of going.  Like old time, I grabbed the camera bag and threw it into the car.

I haven’t shot a lot of pictures since my personal Black Friday.  My muse went on hiatus.  I was certainly not feeling very creative, and I thought every spare minute should be concentrated on finding  a new career.  Saturday’s aren’t very conducive to that, so today, it was photography day.

I shot almost 400 frames.

There’s a big pile of stuff uploading right now to Flickr.

I shot birds.  Gulls and pelicans were in abundance today.  I shot boats and railroad cars.  I shot the sunset.  I had a damn dust mote somewhere between the lens and the light sensor … which I was able to crop out of the pictures I’m uploading.  But it was on EVERY frame.  I think I’ve gotten it out of the camera now, but it was a little frustrating.  Still, I’m pretty happy with what I’m uploading.

So now, since I don’t have a stuff that I can link to just yet, let’s have the first ever “Life’s a Beach”


Odd Couple 1 So here’s the deal.  (Try saying that like H. Ross Perot, if you’re old enough to remember that Presidential contest).  I don’t have any prize to award, other than the notoriety of winning the contest.  I’ll announce the winner in an upcoming post on the blog.  Just leave your best caption in the comments, and I’ll post it it over on Flickr as well.

I know, it’s not much, but give me a break. I’m unemployed, so the prize closet’s pretty empty.

Of course, if there’s only one entry, it’ll win by default.  Don’t let that happen.

Update: Click on the picture for a larger version.

Otherwise, it was a really nice day.  Chilly, but not so cold as to prevent us from having the top down on the drive up to Amelia Island and St. Marys.  There are some stretches of A1A that parallel the ocean, which was just an azure blue today, with the sun reflecting off the white foam on the breakers as they rolled to the sand.  Further north, the live oaks have grown over the road, with Spanish Moss draped from their limbs forming a living tunnel which seems like it’s made for a convertible.  A pretty good day all around, which ended with dinner at a place called Sterlings in St. Marys.  Crab stuffed grouper and tomato soup.  Pretty darn good.

I’m just glad I seem to be finding my eye again.  I love taking photographs.  I wish I could turn it into something that would earn some money.

But then maybe it would seem too much like work.  But maybe not, too.

Update:  Photos are all uploaded to Flickr.  You can leave some captions there, too.



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