Just in Time for the Super Bowl

We had a little power surge at the house last night.  Only a second, and I heard a loud “pop” outside, like a transformer let go.  But honestly, just a second of darkness, and then everything came back on.  The only thing that didn’t like it was the Dish Network DVR.

It came back on and whirred very loudly, but eventually quieted down.  I didn’t think anything of it, and went to sleep.

Today, I didn’t turn on the TV.  Being without work I can’t let myself get sucked into daytime TV.  The computer is enough of a distraction, and I can get sidetracked from doing company research and looking at websites for opportunities if I allow myself.  So I just leave the TV off.  There’s not a lot in which I’m particularly interested anyway.  I just can’t see myself being drawn into Oprah or Rachel Ray.

Anyway, we turned on the TV tonight the first time tonight about 10:30.  There’s a cryptic message that says the ability to watch DVR or pause live TV may be affected.  Unplug the TV for a minute, and if the problem persists … contact technical support.

I did.

They’re sending a new receiver.  It should be here between Wednesday and Friday.

Now, leave alone that I’m probably going to miss this week’s installment of “Battlestar, Galactica”, along with all the other shows we record weekly: CSI Miami, Ghost Hunters, Top Chef, Wreckreation Nation.  It’s amazing how quickly you can get used to the DVR.

Little things, like “Pause”.  I LOVE being able to pause live TV.  We do it regularly, and then skip through the commercials.  But it’s also terribly convenient when I’m cooking dinner, or just have to go answer nature’s call, or what ever.  The “Rewind” feature is great, too.  If you miss a piece of dialog, just skip back 20 seconds or so and pump up the volume.  That’s particularly important during “CSI: Miami”,  Horatio Kane can be difficult to understand sometimes, he’s so soft-spoken.  Just remember to crank the volume back down before the chase scenes or anything with music.  The sub-woofer will blow through the drywall if you’re not careful.

And so, just in time for the Super Bowl, I have a crippled DVR.  I can’t pause, or rewind, or … well … you wouldn’t want to skip through the commercials on the Super Bowl … they’re often more interesting than the game.  That may be particularly true this year, with Pittsburgh so heavily favored to win.  And, if you’ll search on “Dish Network” here on the blog, you’ll read about my last go-around with DN Tech Support.  When they’re good … they’re great.  But when they’re bad, they’re as bad as bad gets.  We’ll see which one this is.  So far so good, but it was the first call.


In one of my “I wish I had my camera” moments, I was driving down Atlantic Boulevard the other day, and I noticed the “Human Directionals” for a company called “Liberty Tax Preparation”.  You know the human directionals … people who stand on street corners with big signs trying to get you to patronize a business.  Anyway, this tax preparers’ human directionals, and there several of them, are all dressed as the Statue of Liberty.  Liberty Tax Preparation .. get it?  Now, that’s not worth wishing for the camera … unless one of the Statues’ of Liberty is smoking.

I’m telling you … that’s the image I want for MY business.


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  1. I REALLY want to get DVR…too cool. 🙂 I see those people on the side of the road and I’ll tell ya one thing, I could NEVER do it! Wishing you luck on your job hunt, I haven’t been here in awhile, had no idea.

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