All About the Team

It’s already late, and we’re just recently back from tonight’s show at The Comedy Zone … which went pretty well, IMHO.  Some solid scene work and good fun in the line games.

After the show, I had one of the standup guys ask me if I’d ever considered doing that instead.  I mumbled something about it was always easier for me to let the jokes tumble out than to try to write something funny, but it got me thinking on the drive home.

The top was down, of course, and it was very foggy.  I had the MP3 player going … just playing random songs.  But I skip through the ones I’m just not in the mood to hear.  But none of that’s really relevant.

Anyway, I was asking myself “what is it that draws me to improv rather than standup?” And it comes down to the team.

When you’re on stage as a standup … nobody’s got your back.  There’s nobody else on stage who’s job it is to make you look great, and who know’s that it’s your job to make them look great.  That’s what we do.  But when you’re doing standup … you’re out there all on your own.  There’s nobody to count on but you.

So that’s it.  It’s about the teamwork.  It’s about the socializing that takes place during rehearsals and backstage during shows.  It’s about knowing that somebody can bail you out if you’re having a bad scene.  It’s a lot of fun.

Still, it might be fun to see if I could be funny all on my own.  I’ve never tried it.  Maybe that’s the next thing I need to try to overcome.  Not just public speaking.  I know I can stand up on a stage or in front of a group of people and talk about stuff that I know about.  But could I walk out on stage, with jokes I’ve written, and sell it well enough that people would laugh?  Dunno.  Maybe I should try to find out.

Meanwhile, our next show is next Tuesday at The Comedy Zone.  Standup guys at 8:00 … The Improv Effect at 9:00.  C’mon Down!


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