Short Post

I’ve spent the day working on tweaking my resume … after getting a frustrated e-mail from a friend who’s a professional resume writer … making calls and doing some other research.  It’s amazing how much of your day that can eat up.

But if you look under the “Resume and Demo” tab here, you’ll get far more than I’d ever send out on a piece of paper.  Nobody’d read that much stuff.

Oh, and getting laundry done.  I still have folding to do.

So now, I’m going to wrap up those couple of chores before heading over to Orange Park for improv rehearsal.  And before you ask, yes we rehearse.  It’s how we build trust among team members, learn the mechanics of the games, work on character development, and generally laugh a lot.  Very therapeutic.

Still, I wanted to get something posted to the blog before going, since I’ll probably be just about done by the time I get home.  Then I sit and stare at a blank page for 25 or 30 minutes as the clock ticks down to midnight and I’ve got nothing to say.  THAT makes for interesting blogging.

I will say that a couple of the comments over at JaxDaily took me aback just a bit.  I’m pretty thick skinned, but the person who referred to “The Socialist State of PBS” made me blink once or twice.  For the record, I worked (past tense) for the local public broadcasting affiliate … not for PBS.  But no matter.

I’m still looking forward to writing over there.

There’s been a lot of traffic here today, but still short in the comments department.  Maybe after reading what was posted on JaxDaily, I’m not all that unhappy about that.  But thanks for reading, and I’ll be back after while … perhaps to post something of a little more substance.



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