Long Winter Days

Yesterday, it was a long day of networking.  I joined the local Tiger Bay club, which (according to its website) was patterned after The National Press Club in Washington, and which has as it’s purpose to promote civic and political engagement, in a spirit of bipartisanship.  So,I went to lunch, and  enjoyed the company of people discussing issues.  Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland was the featured speaker.  I think this will be an interesting place for me to meet people, and get involved in local politics, and maybe meet someone who knows someone who’s looking for someone with my talents.

I came back to the beach for a couple of hours, then headed back onto town for a Senate Select Committee hearing on but economy and business climate in Jacksonville.  The committee will hold hearings across the entire state, and I learned a lot listening to some of the testimony.  I really hope to be involved again in some way in the next phase of my career.

After the hearing, I met up with Andie, Sharon, Charlie, and John to celebrate John’s birthday.  Our destination was Northstar Sub Station on Bay Street, where Mad Cowford plays on Friday nights. Mad Cowford is comprised of some of the former improvjacksonville players, along with some new players.  They put on a good show, which I expected, and I ate too much pizza, which is nobody’s fault but my own.  After the show, we joined some of the cast members at London Bridge downtown, which had been a favorite post-show spot with IJ as well.  I split my time between Andie, Sharon, and Charlie, who were in the back room where Eric Fury and the King Rockers were playing … a 4 piece band with styles ranging from blues to rockabilly … to the front bar where the Mad Cowford folks were sitting and talking.  By the time we got home, it was after midnight.

Today, my day was spent at a career workshop focusing on how to look for a job in this economy.  And I mean all day … from 10:00 to 5:00.  I learned a lot, and have a lot to do.  I never expected this to be easy, and my expectations are being met.

I think I’ll try to regroup a bit tomorrow.  The prospect of the end of my severance is weighing increasingly on me.  I need to try to not worry about it for just a few hours.



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One response to “Long Winter Days

  1. Big Heather

    Found you through tag surfing — and wanted to tell you to keep believing in yourself — the networking activity and the job search workshop you went to WILL pay off — I’ve been there, done that for most of 2008, and have just recently “landed” a full-time position. If you’re interested, I’ve got a fairly long list of “career” / “job search” related links on my blog. GOOD LUCK!

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