Opening Night

I’m a day late with this, but The Improv Effects opened Tuesday night at The Comedy Zone.

TIE CZ 25It was a fun night.   I personally hadn’t been to enough rehearsals.  The games were pretty straightforward, and the crowd was good.  All in all, everybody, cast and audience, seemed to have a great time.

It was like old times.  We’d played a lot of shows at TCZ.  Fred Pozin, the owner, runs a standup class for people who want to learn that trade.  As it was before, the standups went on first.  Some of the same guys we used to see when we played there, geeze, four year ago?  We went from there to the first theater on 140 West Monroe, and then to the theater in the Landing.  I’d been out of the game for a couple of years before Scott called and said he was getting the band back together again.  We rehearsed and played for all of about a month before Scott decided West Virginia was the greener pasture he was looking for.  He’d been looking for a greener pasture for some time, but I’m not so sure West Virginia in the coldest winter in a decade is the place to be.

In any event. we went on stage shortly before 9:00.  We played like 8 games.  A 45 minute set … finished before 10:00.  I’m not sure how many of the audience were there for the standups, and how many for us, but everyone stayed through the entire show.  That’s always gratifying.  I recall that usually in the past people who came for the standups often left after they were done.  So either they were particularly courteous, or they’d come to see us in the first place.  Either way, a good time was had by all.  We play again a week from Tuesday.  I’ll remind you.  We’d love to have you come out and see a show.


So now, we’re increasing our carbon footprint with a cheery little fire in the fireplace as the temperature approaches 50.  There is a frost warning out for some areas of the county, but here at the beach, we’re usually a little warmer.  Our low is forecast for 35 degrees.   But it’s 1 degree in Oxford, where Jenni is, and minus 3 degrees in Bedford, where I grew up.  Bitterly, bitterly cold.  I know there’s a huge difference between climate and weather, but with the cold that has swept the upper third of the nation, record snowfalls, increasing arctic ice, it seems like the complete opposite of the same conditions that caused such a clamor for global warming.  And I’m not sure anything definitive can be said about the overall global climate based on 200 years of recorded observations with inaccurate instruments and speculation based on computer modeling.

But whether or not the global temperature is rising, it’s bitter cold across much of the nation tonight, and there’s even a chill in the air here on the border of the tropics.  And we’re just adding a bit to our carbon footprint … before they force us to buy carbon offsets to have a fire in the fireplace.




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  1. His name is Fred Pozin….not only “the manager” but he is “The Owner”

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