How Small Is The World

I wrote back last year about the sailboats I’d owned over the years, and when it came to my Irwin 27 … I wrote that I couldn’t even remember the name of the boat.  How sad is that.

Well, two days ago, months after writing the post, a comment showed up on the post.  From someone asking if the boat had been named “Seabreeze”.  The memories came flooding back.

Seabreeze 3 So, here she is.  The Irwin 27 “Seabreeze” … circa 1964.  She’s a classic coastal cruiser.  A full shoal draft keel with a centerboard, a little 4 cylinder gasoline engine, standing head room, v-berth, little galley, convertible settee, tiller, and a nice compliment of sails.  As I recall, her sail inventory included a main, working jib, genoa, and a drifter … a very large, very lightweight headsail that can catch the Chesapeake Bay’ and Potomac River’s notorious zephyrs and provide at least some push for the boat.  There was more than one afternoon when we would set the drifter, furl the main which was often just slatting in the light air, and ride with the river’s current and tides.  Jenni would be below in the quarterberth reading or out on deck … clipped on in a harness to be sure she stayed with the boat.

We like Shymanskys Marina, too. I very homey little place with only a few slips.  Lots of little sailboats, and a very nice little restaurant … if you like fried seafood … which I do.


Tim, my commenter, is considering buying the boat.  She’s been sitting on the jackstands at Shymanksys for probably 15  years … maybe more.  I’ve been away from the DC area for 10 years, and we had been through two boats since selling our share of Seabreeze to David and Joy.  I don’t know that it’s been back in the water since then.  Tim tell me Smymanskys has seized the boat for non-payment on storage … which means David and Joy must have just walked away from her.  She looks surprisingly good for a boat that has seen no TLC for that long.

So good on ‘ya, Tim.  If you wind up as the owner of this boat, I hope you have as much fun with her as we did all those years ago.  I’m thrilled that you dropped me a note.  I think that’s what the Interwebs are supposed to be all about.



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