A Quiet Weekend …

… here in Lake Woebegone By-The-Sea.  A warm and pleasant January weekend, with the rains coming late Sunday in front of chillier weather.

It was as clear and settled this weekend as it was foggy and unsettled 7 days ago.  When we went offshore last Saturday, it was into a fog bank that held visibility to 200 yards most of the day at best, and less than that much of the day.

Such is this time of the year at the beach.  The fog will roll in sometimes only as far as Third Street … and back where we are a mile and a half or so from the ocean, it’s clear.  I went to a restaurant with my friend David Tuesday, and it was just flat empty.  Only three tables were taken, including ours.  The place we had first intended to try … Tama’s Sushi, was closed.  You can actually find a parking place in town center without too much difficulty … at least during the week.  We wound up at Carribee Key … where David knows the chef.  I spent probably $15 less than I would have at Tama’s.  But then I didn’t get any raw fish, either.


Tuesday, we open at The Comedy Zone again.  I’ve been looking forward to this.  We’ll be playing under the imprimatur of Improv Effect, which Jesse’s training class name.  I’d personally prefer something a little more of a non-sequitur, but I’m not in charge and don’t have any desire to be.  But it will be very nice to be able to play on a real stage where people have come specifically to see stand up and improv comedy, and not just to be at a bar.  We didn’t have much luck at Ocean Club.  The upper management was into it, but the actual bar manager was more interested in booking bands than seeing that we had a stage on which to play.  Fred at The Comedy Zone seems to be into it, and it is nice to play in front of an audience that has come to see you.


The job search continues to be slow.  I have a couple of things to follow up with this week, but nothing solid.  I have a piece about my search appearing in this week’s Folio … which comes out on Tuesday.  Maybe that’ll help make the phone ring.  I’m still not sure the right people know I’m not working at WJCT any longer.  But, I’ll keep looking, and applying, and hopefully something will come along pretty soon.



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One response to “A Quiet Weekend …

  1. Tim Register

    Hi TC,

    I commented on your story about the red Irwin on Cobb Island. The comment did not post right away, so I’m not sure if I did it right…

    None the less, I live in the area and know the boat. Did you name her “Sea Breeze”? There can’t be more than 1 27′ red Iwin on Cobb Island. She’s on stands at the Schamanski boatyard.

    email me and I’ll send you some pictures. tim@idrathersail.com

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