C’mon, Man !!!

There are days when I realize I really need to start carrying my camera around with me all the time again, though I wouldn’t have been able to stop to get this capture in any event.

GMI was driving east on Atlantic Boulevard yesterday, and saw a tall, thin, African American man walking east on the sidewalk. He was not wearing any shirt, which was fine, it was nearly 80 degrees (in January, thank you very much), but his jeans were down below his hips and his plaid boxers were on display for all the world to see.

I mean down below his hips! Which I’ll grant you were mostly non-existent. I have no idea how they were not down around his ankles.

According to Snopes, the myth-debunking website to which I most often refer, the sagging pants “fashion” has its origin in prisons, where inmates are often issued uniforms that are too large, and since they’re not allowed to have belts, their pants sag.  The “look” has been adopted by mostly young men of all races … and a few women.

I’m sorry but Geezerman started laughing out loud.GenY

I wonder if they realize, or care, how ridiculous they look to anyone outside their narrow cultural group?  Do they think anyone finds that attractive?  I suppose that someone does, because they keep doing it, but C’Mon Man.

I know, I’m old.  I don’t know why the same guys modify the “mufflers” on their cars so that they make extra noise.  And it doesn’t even sound nice and throaty … more like a turbo-charged Singer sewing machine … or Cuisineart.

This cartoon landed in my mailbox recently as an explanation as to why they call it “Generation Y”.

Uh huh.



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