Another Blank Page

Sometimes I do my best writing when faced with a blank page.  Tonight may not be such a night.

It was another day of working the phones and e-mail.  There will be more of that tomorrow, and pretty much every day until I start getting some interviews.

I’m sure regular readers, if there are any, are starting to find this a bit tedious.  Hell, I’m finding it a bit tedious.  I need to find some muse to give me something to write about day after day.

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  Temperatures were in the high 70’s here at the beach, and it was a great day for a bike ride.  I did my normal 18 mile southern loop down to Corona Road, which normally takes me a little more than an hour.  It was my second day this week to make that ride.  Winds were out of the south, and that’s helpful on that loop.  I prefer to have the wind at my back on the return leg of a ride, and my legs were really feeling it on the last mile this afternoon.  Still, I got it done, and that always gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Tonight, though, more December-like weather is on the way, and I’ll have to turn to the elliptical strider for my workout.  I’m trying to get serious about getting some of this weight off.  I’m not happy at all that the stress of losing my job has caused me to let myself go.  I’ve got to start feeling better about myself, and one way to do that is simply to have some success.  I know how to do it.  It’s just a question of having the discipline to get it done.


It’s a slow news day in Jacksonville.  Watching the 11 o’clock news, I’ve seen stories about the weather, Jeb Bush NOT running for U.S. Senate, Florida playing in the National Championship game Thursday … the only story that is news to me was the one about a delay on the cruise terminal vote by LUZ, which is the City Council Land Use and Zoning committee.

Celebration 1 LG JAXPORT and Mayport have not been able to reach an agreement about the terminal, citing environmental concerns about the fuel the ships will burn at pierside and potential discharge.  Now, the discharge issue shouldn’t really be a concern, as the Coast Guard station is just west of the proposed cruise terminal site … and the Coasties take a dim view of inshore sewage and offal discharge.  Mayport wants a concession that the ships be connected only to shore power when they’re at the pier, which would be a very expensive proposition.  I’m not sure what the particulate concentration is from the “clean” fuel that JAXPORT says it will require ships to burn, but I DO know that I always wind up with plenty of soot and dirt on my boat NOW in it’s storage space at Jacksonville Marina.  It wouldn’t be ideal to have more to clean up before I get out on the water.

Still, I’m overall in favor of the cruise terminal at Mayport.  There will in all likelihood be a nuclear carrier in the neighborhood in a fewMayport Sign years, which may require some infrastructure improvements in the area anyway.  The county, state, and Atlantic Beach have done a nice job on Mayport Road (A1A) heading north to the A1A / Mayport Road split.  I drive up there pretty regularly, and I’m sure the terminal and parking garage construction would be an annoyance, and improving the road could prove problematic, as there seem to be a lot of areas that could be considered wetlands from the split to the ferry.  But on balance, I can’t help but believe that the overall economy of the area would improve with terminal.

I know Mike, Linda, and Paul stayed at one of the national chain motels in Atlantic Beach, and it was in pretty dismal condition.  Those places would do well to improve if people were staying a night or two before or after a cruise.  I really think it would be a boon to the Mayport region, and perhaps the entire north beaches area would see a boost.  It couldn’t hurt.


And finally … is it a sign of the Apocalypse?  Letterman almost made an Obama joke.  Not quite, but skirting the edges.



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