Keeping My Focus

This is when it gets hard.  Things are going to get very tight very quickly, and I really don’t know where things go from here.  I do know that the week off has been nice, but it’s time to really get myself focused on finding that next opportunity.

So, it’s going to be following every lead, checking sites, refining my focus on companies, and just getting it done.

Thing is, there’s a lot to be done around here, too.  Today, I had a boring list of domestic chores like sorting the recycling and getting the  Christmas tree out to the curb.  I managed an 18 mile bike ride today as well, just because the weather was perfect for it.  I had to do the grocery shopping and get something on the table for dinner.  Tomorrow I have to take mom to a dentist appointment.  Somewhere in there I have to find some time to make calls and try to line up some interviews.

Assuming anyone’s interviewing.

Still, I’ll have all day tomorrow to try to get something going.  And the next day, then Thursday is the Beaches Chamber lunch.

Something will come along.  I’m sure of it.



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