Thank you IU

So I had a minor victory today, which didn’t cost me anything more than a bunch of cell phone minutes and a long-distance fax.

The online job application I started filling out last night required that I include my GPA and number of credit hours earned (paid for).  Well, and passed, I suppose.  In any event, I thought I’d be required to order a full transcript, which I really don’t care that much about, and then pay not only for the actual document for a premium to get it to me quickly.  Why?  Because a university never has enough money.

So this morning, I got on the phone and called the registrars office.  The good new was, it’s semester break, not much is going on at the university, and so I think the people there were happy to have something to break up the monotony.

So, I talked first to the registrar’s office, and the young woman with whom I spoke explained to me the process of getting the transcript quickly.  When I explained that I didn’t REALLY need the full transcript, but just the GPA and credit hours, she said “Let me connect you with the records office, and they might be able to help you out”.

A bit concerned about getting the on-hold runaround, I agreed to be transferred.

But, it’s semester break, and I’m sure they’re all sitting around just waiting for the phone to ring.

So, the gentleman who answered the phone explained to me the process for getting a form from the website (because IU is still operating in the 20th century, and hasn’t quite figured out this whole online thing yet for alumni), which I dutifully printed, filled out with a pen, and faxed to him at the records office.

With that form in hand, he was able to look up my records and tell me my GPA and credit hours over the phone.

Over the phone.

He’ll still send a hard copy of what I requested … but I didn’t have to wait, I didn’t have to pay a premium fax-back charge, and got my job application filled out and submitted.

So while it could have been much easier … if they’d drag the university kicking and screaming into the 21st century … I got exactly what I needed for the price of a phone call and a fax.  That’s good customer service.

Now, I’m sure it might not have been as easy if school had been in session, and they’d been swamped with stuff.  But on New Years Eve Eve, it wasn’t so bad.

I wasn’t a stellar student.  2.7 GPA, but sort of like I was told about my credit score, if it’s too high, you’re not living.  I got passable grades, made the Dean’s list my last semester, worked at the radio station in Bedford most weekends, and now have 28 years in my chosen field astern.  I think I made college a living experience as much as an academic one, which I don’t think is all bad.

I also discovered that some forms don’t like Firefox.  I had to revert back to Internet Explorer to complete the application.  THAT was frustrating … until I figured it out.

Now, I just hope my efforts are not in vain, and the job comes through.  It doesn’t close until the 12th, and since it’s a federal civil service job, so who knows how long it will take before they actually start the selection process.  But my hat’s in the ring, and I’ll see what else I can dig up in the meantime.



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