More Online Application Madness

So there’s something with the Navy … as a civilian … which could be really interesting for me and for which I know I’m qualified.  A friend sent me the job announcement in an e-mail, and I started through the Byzantine process of applying online.

I’m getting used to this online application process.  I suppose it’s no different than the Federal jobs I applied for back when I lived in DC … and the ubiquitous SF-171 that was the standard application for all Federal jobs.  Now, apparently every department, division, what have you has it’s own online application process.  The one I filled out for the DOI a couple of weeks ago doesn’t talk to the one for the Navy.  And it asks for different things.

In the “Education” section of the form, it’s asking for my college GPA and number of credit hours earned at IU … almost 30 years ago.  I graduated in 1980.  Now, I’ve got to go through the exercise of buying a transcript from IU so I can complete the form so they’ll consider me for the job.

But, the job could be worth it, so tomorrow I’ll be on the phone with IU, and spend the money to get the transcript Fed-Exed.  It’s no wonder nobody can get a job.  Nobody makes the application process easy, that’s for sure.

That’s really the only thing I’m missing for that application, though.  I just hope I can get through the door.

So, that’s how it’s going to be for a while, I guess.  Finding things for which I might be qualified, and applying for them.  And working my network so that I can find a way to make a difference again.

I know, I know.  I said I was going to take the week off.  But it’s not anything that takes me away from Jenni.  I can just stay here and do the work online.

I didn’t do a lot today.  I didn’t leave the house until I went down to the Credit Union and then to the grocery.  Jenni’s feet are still pretty uncomfortable from the fungus, so she didn’t feel like going out and doing much.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.



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