Town Center Tour

Today, we just wandered around the Beaches Town Center … had lunch at Sun Dog Diner, spent some time in The Bookmark (your fiercely independent bookstore), saw the giant gingerbread castle at One Ocean, dabbled our toes in the ocean, just wandered around and enjoyed out little beach town.

I was thinking today how removed I’ve become from downtown issues since I’ve not been going downtown every day.  We were sitting outside having lunch at Sun Dog. I was just watching the cars and the people walking up and down Atlantic Blvd, and just how idyllic life in a beach town can be.  If there wasn’t this overarching concern about finding my next career, it’d be really darn nice.

But, I’d have been on vacation this week anyway.  Jenni is here, and I had always planned to have this week between the holidays off.  So, I’m just focusing on her visit and spending time with her and pretending like everything’s normal, which it mostly is.  I’m not going to find anything this week anyway, so why not just enjoy it.

There is plenty to enjoy.  The normally slow pace of life at the beach becomes even a bit more relaxed after Christmas.  The gift-giving pressure is off. Relatives are either here and you’re enjoying their company, or they’ve already gone and you’re enjoying having your space to yourself again.

Such are the holidays everywhere, I suppose, but for some reason a blue sky, light southerly breeze blowing up the coast, and temperatures in the mid 70’s makes it just a little more enjoyable.

It is one of the many things I enjoy about living at the beach.  On this side of the ditch, Jacksonville’s problems seem to be very remote.  They’re not, of course. Only 10 miles away is Jacksonville proper and it’s issues.  There are so many things I like about Jacksonville.  It’s a nicely sized city, lots to do, the symphony, museums, theaters and such.  I loved that I was able to make a difference working for WJCT.

But living out here on the edge of the continent, it all seems so remote.

So it was a good day today.  Just a relaxing, nothing-special-to-do day in Lake Woebegone By-The-Sea.  I have to try to relax now before the January crunch comes along for finding a job.  It’s about to get really stressful in a big hurry.


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