Going Boldly

On this day after Christmas, I was looking through some blogs, as I often do, and in one called “Random Good Stuff“, I found a link to the “SkyMall” site, and what has to be one of the coolest,  yet most pointless, things to spend money on in the Alpha Quadrant.

KirkChair Yes, seekers, it’s a replica of Captain James Tiberius Kirk’s command chair from the Constitution-Class Enterprise.  Please don’t ask me how I know Kirk’s middle name, or that the NCC 1701 was a Constitution-Class ship. Let’s just say they are small factoids crowding useful information out of my brain.  And if I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will correct me.

And for the low, low price of just over $1,700 … plus shipping.  And please allow 42 days for delivery.  Just a bit too late for this Christmas, but who knows how many home “media rooms” will be graced by this decorator item by next year.

Honestly, while I’d NEVER buy one, I hope a lot.

So much has been written about the original Trek, and it’s place in American television history.  Gene Roddneberry’s sweeping vision for the future with one world government, tolerance for all, and some of the lowest-tech hi-tech special effects ever brought to the small screen.

Of course, Kirk had to be forced to have sex with the green-skinned alien, who other than the skin tone was pretty hot.

But I’m not sure why anyone would want the chair.  The original off the set, maybe, but I think that’s in the Smithsonian.  If it’s not, it should be.  I recall Shatner saying at one time that it was just about the most uncomfortable in which he’d ever plunked his butt.  But since then, the butt has gotten far more ample, and the chairs (on Boston Legal) looked a lot more comfortable.  I just can’t imagine ushering guests into my media room or “Man Cave” and having this command chair as the centerpiece of the place.  I’m sure that it would get a lot of “oohs” and “Wow! That’s really cool” kinds of comments.  But then on the drive home, it’s be “that’s pretty ridiculous” … or words to that effect.

Yes, the chair has some of the buttons programmed for the original sounds, and I’m sure some lucky lottery winner who actually buys one will find a way to make it control the satellite receiver and big-screen TV.  So he (or she) can sit in the chair, say “on visual”, and push a button that lights up the 60″ plasma.  Maybe with a DVD playing a loop of a planet from space … who knows.

But still, it will take a very specific kind of person to be willing to shell out nearly 2 grand (when you include taxes, tags, title, destination charge, and dealer prep) for a replica of a television icon.  There may be more of them out there than I know.  But what it does point out is that there is a buyer for ANYTHING.  And I expect in this case, an enthusiastic buyer.  Because I expect that all of us, an I certainly count myself among them, who watched those initial 3 seasons of Star Trek, and who followed TNG, and then DS9, and then “Voyager”, and then the prequal “Enterprise” … who have been to every movie, even the bad, even numbered ones, and who are anxiously awaiting the eventual release of the newest installment in the “Star Trek” franchise set for release in May … Every one of us has pictured ourselves on the bridge of every one of those ships, going boldly where only actors have gone before.

Me … in a heartbeat.  Klingons and Romulans and wormholes and Cardassians not withstanding … I’d go.  Maybe not so boldly as Kirk … but I’d go.



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