Perhaps Finally Past the Nadir

We held a memorial for Andie’s mom yesterday.  It was a very simple event, lasting really only about 15 minutes.  She was cremated, so her mortal remains were in a small wooden box at the front of the room.  There were dozens of pictures scattered around the funeral home chapel, along with some of Linda’s favorite music.  Jimmy Buffett, Cher, Sinatra … very informal.

Not a religious service at all.  Which was fine.  Linda wasn’t particularly a religious person.

A good deal of out time the past two months has been consumed by working on her house, taking her to the hospital, or visiting her there … it has been an emotionally draining time particularly for Andie, who took it on herself to be sure that she got to her doctors appointments, got her the medication she needed, dealt with the home health care providers and social security and all the different doctors … and who had to make the decision to be her sure her last hours were comfortable.  Then make the final arrangements and essentially be the hostess for the memorial.

Pam Smith and Kimi Upton were the best supporting cast we could have asked for.  Pam who welcomed Linda into her home while Kimi got her house as finished as she could, beautifully painted by Brandon and then decorated.  Linda was in the house for maybe a week, and only rarely left the bedroom.  Still, it was worth the effort for the look on her face when she saw it.

But maybe, just maybe, this will be truly the nadir of our trials over the past couple of months.  Between the diagnosis of pancreatic, cancer, the roller coaster of whether or not that was actually the correct diagnosis, all the pain medication … on yeah, and in the middle of all that, the “management reorganization” that cost me my job.  I’m not going to say we’ve had it rougher than anyone else … because I know there are a lot of people in far worse straights than we are right now.  But we’ve had our share of setbacks in the past 60 days.

So, I’m hoping that with the memorial, we can close that chapter of the winter of our discontent.  Not that we forget, but that we can get our lives back on track.   It’s going to be a skinny Christmas, but we will have Christmas.  Come the first of the year, it’s crunch time for me to find a way to extend my broadcasting career or begin what’s next.  I won’t be so bold as to speculate that we might have finally hit bottom … but a guy can be hopeful, can’t he?


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