Online Applications

I filled out a couple of these today.  I understand their usefulness, but I’m just not used to it.

The last time I looked for a job, the whole online application thing was barely a glimmer in some programmers eye.  You found a job in which you were interested, sent a nice resume and cover letter telling the potential employer how interested you were in working for him or her.  In my business, you also sent an audition reel.  Usually a cassette, sometimes, if you were really technologically savvy, a CD.  You talked on the telephone and decided if an in-person interview was called for.  It was a very different world.

These online applications now seem, in large part, seem to be serving as the screening interview or phone call.  The cover letter in which you can show how much research you’ve done about the company … what your qualifications are for the job, and how you’ll overcome any deficiencies (nah … I don’t have any) seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs.  It’s not asked for.

In it’s place are specific questions you’d expect to hear at an interview, and a little box to write your answers.  Now, for someone like me, this could be and advantage.  I’m a wordsmith by trade, and I can choose words very carefully.

But research shows that e-mail is one of the least effective methods of communication. Why?  Because there’s no inflection, no passion, no feedback like you would get in an in-person meeting, or even on the phone.  You can’t read the other persons body language, can’t hear the inflection of their voice, and make eye contact.  It seems like the online application is very similar.

I guess in what seems to be becoming a depersonalized world, where jobs are positions or slots and not seen through the prism of the people filling those slots, it makes sense.  Insert Tab “A” into Slot “B”, and if they match … go forward.

So, it’s a different world.  It’s not better, or worse, just different.  Another adjustment for me to make.


Publix had standing rib roast on sale the other day.  It’s been aging in the fridge over the weekend, and is now resting.  I’ve made a creamy horseradish sauce to go with, and will steam some broccoli.  It may be a while before there’s standing rib roast on my table again, so I though I might just as well go ahead and go for it.

It’s easy to cook.  Olive oil, salt, and pepper all around the outside.  Into a 350 oven until the internal temperature reaches about 140.  Crank the heat up to 500, and put the roast back in for 10 minutes or so to form a crust.

We eat well tonight.



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