Very Little To Write

It’s been one of those kinds of days.  Way more journal entry than anything else.

I had to go with Andie’s mom back to the hospital today, and now she’s in Hospice.  Even though we don’t have a solid diagnosis, prognosis, or really any answers at all.

I was disconcerted by how many times I had to walk through a metal detector as Shands.  Getting into the emergency waiting area from the main hospital there’s a metal detector.  Getting back into the ICU .. there’s a metal detector … and the visitors sticker and recognizing the security guy a the metal detector doesn’t buy you a pass the second or third time through.

I understand that it’s a class one trauma center in a questionable neighborhood.  I understand it’s where the police take the bad guys after they’re shot, and probably sometimes where they go when THEY get shot.  But the signs posted around the hospital saying “no guns” give me pause.

The ER at Shands is almost surreal.  I couldn’t go there day after day.  Linda was lucky enough to get an actual space for her bed.  It was loud, with dozens of monitors chiming and beeping and buzzing.  Patients moaning and calling out in pain.  There were far more gurneys stacked in the space than there were spaces for them, rolling trays of medicines and bed linens … an organized chaos that I was frankly not disappointed to be shooed away from when it was time for the doctors to make their rounds.

Two years ago, a pharmacist was shot at the hospital pharmacy.  Andie’s spent a lot of time there of late, dropping off and picking up prescriptions for Linda.  I know that day after day goes by there with no incident … but I guess they feel the need to remind people not to bring their guns to the hospital.  That’s troublesome.

More troubling is that Andie’s mom is in Hospice.  She might come home again after she’s stable, but there will be hospice care 24/7 from now until the end, when ever that comes.  With all the tribulations that have come during this holiday season, this is one that we were both most expecting and dreading, I think.  I suppose we can always hope for the dramatic turnaround that occasionally becomes a Hallmark Special.



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