Now, Where Was I?

Oh yes … Black Friday.

Maybe it’s time to re-thing this whole day-after-Thanksgiving madness.  I know I can only think of a few things I’d rather do less than go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, but I also know a lot of people revel in it.  That’s fine.  And I also understand the desire of the retailers to jump-start the holiday consumption season, given that so many of them make a large chunk of their money this month.

But when people are breaking down the doors to a WalMart in order to save a few pennies, maybe the whole thing has gotten out of hand.

Like so many things, I don’t know the answers.  I don’t understand the psyche of the person who’ll like up outside a discount retailer at 0400 to be the first through the door with three or four hundred of their closest friends.  And I can’t imagine what is so important inside that store that would cause you to knock and employee out of the way, knock him down, and be so callous as to trample him to death.  Most likely the surge people that WEREN’T first in line had no idea what they were doing as they pushed their way into the store.  But what ever the cause, I hope that everyone who’s pushed their way into a store on Black Friday will take a moment to think about it.  Was saving that extra 5 percent worth it?

Meanwhile, I’m sure WalMart will be sued by the employees family … and they should be.

Again, I’m all for holiday shopping.  I plan to do some myself here in the next week or so.  I don’t begrudge any story making a profit this time of the year, because it’s how our economy operates.  Christmas is probably “too big to fail”.  But if you’re going to be part of a mob trying to get into a store at oh-dark-thirty, please try to remember that the employee in the store 1) may not really want to be there that early, 2) knows the onslaught is coming, and 3) his family doesn’t want to remember Christmas as the time of the year that cost him or her their life.

Happy Shopping.



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