Maybe it’s Time to Stop

I think everyone should stop for a moment and reflect on the fact that a WalMart employee was trampled to death by a mob trying to save a couple of bucks on holiday trinkets.

It’s OK … I’ll wait.

Here’s a person who may have fallen on hard times, or perhaps he truly enjoyed working at WalMart.  Many people do, I’m sure.  But regardless, he didn’t deserve to be knocked down and crushed to death by a mob, and that’s what it was.  A mob trying to stretch their few phennigs as far as possible, because it’s almost criminal not to consume at Christmas.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy giving, and yes receiving, gifts at the holidays.  This isn’t about how over-commercialized the holiday has become, because that’s way too far gone to ever get back.  I enjoy the many of the outward trappings of the season … lights and TASTEFUL decorations and the tree.  I really enjoy the fellowship and sincere friendships that are able to be strengthened this time of the year.  A glass of fine wine or scotch and a good cigar on the deck with good friends just seems to happen more often during the holidays, and that’s a good thing.  I’m not a religious person, but I do understand for those who are that it is a time if great religious significance.  It is also a good time for people to renew, or strengthen their faith.

But maybe it’s time to put an end to “Black Friday” after Thanksgiving.

I don’t know …

We interrupt this blog post for this update.  Andie’s mom got to come home from the hospital today.  We  also discovered a slab leak at the townhouse at Aquatic Gardens … but not before Tim had pulled the water heater out of the utility closet.

I spent the entire day trying to vacuum up water out of the bedroom where LInda was supposed to sleep tonight.  I think I made some progress after about 15 gallons.

Seems like sometimes we just can’t buy a break.  I’ll continue my Black Friday rant tomorrow.



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  1. AustinTXGal

    This was a temporary work hired to work the Christmas rush who was trampled. It speaks of greed and a get-mine-at-all-cost attitude. I find this very disturbing. No deal is worth a person’s life. We definitely need to take a moment and reflect on this. This poor worker experienced the terrorism of American greed in action.

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