I Have Succumbed …

… To the iPhone.

I know, I know. I wrote a while back that all I really needed was “a phone that makes calls” … and maybe one or two other little features like text messaging.  A camera is nice just in case there’s not time to pull out the Nikon as the UFO is landing.  But mostly, I wanted a reliable telephone.  Simple enough.  I resisted as long as I could.

But this job search has me in the car a lot more than I had been in the past, and I found myself at a designated place and time, but no one to meet with.  Turns out they were stuck in traffic, and didn’t have my cell number to call me.  Neither did I have their number, and I knew then I needed something that would at least be able to keep my appointments and contacts close at hand.

Our friend David had given me an old Palm Treo 650 that he had tossed in a drawer long ago in his march to technological Mecca.  I was grateful, of course, but he didn’t have a charger or a couple of other items any longer.  No problem.  That stuff’s cheap online, and so I dutifully ordered some 5 dollar chargers and other sundry items to make it all work.

But then, well, the Treo wouldn’t take a charge, which I found was a pretty common problem doing some research online.  And even when I did get power to the phone (spending 12 bucks on a new battery), I couldn’t make it synch with this Vista laptop where my like kinda resides right now.  So now the Treo is in a drawer at my house rather than at David’s.

Enter the iPhone.  I was looking at the Blackberrys, other Palm products, LG makes an iPhone-like-product … but it’s not on my carrier, so we went into the AT&T store and plunked down the cash.  Not bad, actually, since my line was eligible for an upgrade, and not so much more expensive than a product that doesn’t have the iPhone mystique.

Now, of course, I have to signed up for iTunes, and it wants to be the default audio player on my laptop, but I don’t really think I’ll be using the phone for my MP3  player.  I don’t know what the battery life is going to be like on the iPhone, and I use my MP3 player a lot in the car.  But with the car charger, that might be less of an issue.  We’ll have to see.

After downloading iTunes … it synched right up with my Outlook, and my life is now pretty much backed up on my phone.  Slick and seamless.

The App Store is amazing.  I downloaded a few things, nothing more that $1.99, and several things for free.  I don’t know how much I’ll use them, but why not get a little entertainment.  I set it up so that I can see the weather here and in Oxford, Ohio, where Jenni is in college.  I looked at the blog, but the print, of course, is tiny and by the time I expand the screen enough to read anything, it’s scrolling city … so I’ll probably not be reading a lot of iBlogs.  For Andie, I downloaded the app that locates the Starbucks nearest wherever you are, and I got the restaurant locater.  No games yet, but Scrabble is pretty tempting.

You’ve gotta hand it to Apple on this product.  It’s clean and easy to use.  It’s intuitive, for the most part, and even my big, fumbly fingers can tap out a URL or a text message with the limited practice I have.  The only thing I haven’t found is an auto-answer feature to use with the Bluetooth, which I liked on the Razr I gave to Andie.  I’m sure it’s in there somewhere.  I’d also like to be able to choose a ringtone from more than what iTunes offers.

Oh, and I subscribed to the “Wait, Wait! Don’t Tell Me” podcast.  A show I don’t like to miss.

So, I’ve given in.  The siren call of the iPhone succubus finally got me, and I have no buyers remorse at all.

Maybe it’ll even help.


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