Almost Too Weird

I really don’t know what I did.  I think I know, but I’m not sure.  But I have an inflamed uvula.

uvula It’s that little thing that hangs down in the back of your throat.  Last night I could feel some irritation in the back of my throat, where the nasal passages connect.  I thought it was just because the weather has turned chilly and dry.  That sometimes happens, particularly on evenings when we have  fire in the fireplace.  But when I woke up this morning, I could feel it touching the base of my tongue.  At first, I thought it was mucus (I know, that’s pretty gross), but then I realized it was attached.  I tried to swallow it, but it wasn’t going away.

I’m not ordinarily one to run to the doctor immediately, but for nearly 30 years, my voice has been my life, and I hope it will be again in some capacity, so I called to make an appointment.

I THINK I know what caused the inflammation.  I spent nearly 4 hours yesterday working on cleaning the shower, and the walls, in the upstairs bathroom at the townhouse in Aquatic Gardens.  I used several different cleaners, including foaming bathroom cleaner.  I don’t know if I got the cleaners mixed together and formed some kind of noxious fume.  I did open a window, but only after a couple of hours.  But then, I sat on the floor of the shower for another hour or more scoring grout before we can re-seal the tiles in the shower.  I’m afraid I spend a long time breathing stuff I shouldn’t have, and now I have a steroid shot in the butt, a course of Prednisone, and antibiotics “just in case”.  But the strep test came back negative, so I guess that’s not the issue.

Still, it’s very disconcerting.  Like something in the back of my throat that needs to be swallowed, but that I can’t swallow.  I hope the steroid knocks it down pretty quickly.  It’s very disquieting.

My project today was to finish up the outlets over at the townhouse.  That’s now all done.  Every outlet and light switch has been replaced from tar-stained almond to shiny white.  Next is grouting the shower, but that will all eventually have to be replaced.

Meanwhile, with temperatures in the mid 40’s it was a perfect night for some beef-vegetable soup and home made biscuits.

Tomorrow, more meetings, more phone calls, more, more, more.



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One response to “Almost Too Weird

  1. anonymous

    I just woke up with an inflamed uvula for the first time.

    I too thought it was mucus — I just spent like 3 minutes over the sink, gagging, trying to cough it up. It felt so big I thought it would be nasty to swallow it, so I kept on trying to hack it up.

    Eventually, I looked in the mirror at the back of my mouth and saw what it actually was!

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