Not Much to Blog

I know I’ve not been writing as much, but I honestly don’t have a lot to write.  My muse has been silent for the past three weeks or so, for obvious reasons.  I shot my first photographs since Black Friday tonight … and I took them of my dinner.

Salmon and Gr Beans Which was darn good.  Salmon, brushed with garlic olive oil, herbs, salt and pepper, then coated with Italian bread crumbs and grated Parmesan cheese.  Into a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes in a cast iron grill pan sprayed with cooking spray .  Sublime.  Served with green beans and some leftover garlic toast from last nights’ spaghetti.   Some of the cheese got really crispy, which I love.  Andie was working late, so it was fish for dinner.

Nice to know that part of my creativity is still hanging in there.

People say “you should open a restaurant”, and I love to cook.  But then cooking would be a lot like work, and I’m not sure I want to make that switch.  Then, too, they say the best way to make a million dollars in the restaurant business is to start out with two million.  I don’t have two million to start, so I’ll try something a little more traditional and keep my cooking as a hobby.

I have a meeting tomorrow, as well as a South Council chamber meeting.  More people to meet.

I talked to Jenni election night.  She had some questions about the electoral college, which I was able to answer.  I love that she’s so interested in the process, and that she voted in this election.  I still remember my first vote in a presidential contest in 1976.  I’ve not missed and election since.

But in the course of the conversation, Jen mentioned that she’s participating in National Novel-Writing month, in which you try to write an entire novel in 30 days.  She’s trying to crank out 50-thousand words in 30 days … or about 175 pages.  That’s pretty exciting in its self, and she’s always been a very good and very creative writer.  But when she said she was basing her novel on our trip to Abaco this summer … I have to admit I got a little choked up.  I’ll be very interested to read it when she’s finished.  Scott Abrams already said he’d carry her un-published novel in his bookstore in Moundsville, W VA, and I’ll mention it to Rona Brinlee at “The Book Mark”.  And who knows, with some editing she could very possibly be published.  We’ll cross our fingers.

It was a REALLY good trip to the islands.  It’d probably make a good novel.  She said “it’ll be a chick book, dad”, but that’s ok … I’ll read it anyway.

So, that’s the news from Lake Woebegone By-the-Sea (apologies, etc.).  It’s been a bit woebegone the past month. But I’m really looking forward to it getting better (all the time)

Beatles.  Look it up.



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