I Hope

In an election that revolved around Hope and Change, here’s what I hope the next four years will bring.

I hope President Obama actually is a post-partisan President.  Unfortunately, the talk of post-partisanship seemed to fade away towards the end of the campaign.  He doesn’t have a rich history of reaching across the aisle in the Illinois Senate or the U.S. Senate.  A few, isolated, easy incidents.  The Cabinet choices will be very telling.  I hope there is at least one Republican named to the cabinet, in a prominent post.   Had McCain been elected, I’d have hoped he would have named a Democrat or two.

I hope President Obama re-thinks “spreading the wealth around”.

I hope the Democratically controlled Congress hears the loyal opposition.  There’s been very little bi-partisanship in the U.S. Congress for many, many years … since 1994, really.  But Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid vowed to change that culture when they became the majority leaders in 2006, and it’s been one of the most partisan Congresses in my memory … and I’ve been watching since the late 80’s when I started working at C-SPAN.  I hope President Obama encourages Pelosi and Reid to show some respect for congressional Republicans.  But I’m not holding my breath.

I hope “The Fairness Doctrine” is not re-instated.

I hope we’re not attacked again.

I hope we don’t recklessly pull out of Iraq.

I don’t think our Republic is in eminent danger of collapse.  We’ve survived a great deal, and I think the next 4 years will not be any different.

I hope the Republican party finally realizes that it has to appeal to more than “The Base” to win elections.  Somewhere along the way, the Republican Party allowed its self to be taken over by the extreme right, and moderate Republicans it seems, have been mostly ignored.  I’d love to see that party as a whole move to the center.  Democrats too.

So, in an election that had hope and change as its central theme, those are my hopes.  We’ll see how it all works out.



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  1. Brian

    Couldn’t agree more, Tom.

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