Dark Too Early

I think I wrote about this last year at this time, but I’m not a big fan of Standard Time.  I know it’s supposedly better for kids riding the bus to school, but I just like it to be daylight later in the day.

For instance, this evening it got dark around 6:30.  It seems like it wasn’t THAT long ago that it wasn’t getting completely dark until after 9:00.  If I’m going to use the grill, I have to have lots of additional light.

The good news is, I have that.

Mike, Linda, Paul, and Paul’s girlfriend Katherine were here this afternoon for Tim’s birthday party.  It’s always great to see the Hannas.

Other than that, it’s been a very quiet weekend.  Andie’s mom is not doing particularly well, and we hope to have some answers soon.  Regardless, the answers are not going to be what we want to hear.

I hope November is kinder.



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