Ups and Downs

I had a day about like the stock market today.  I got all the actual paperwork today.  That was depressing.  I still have to arrange a time to go clean out my office.  For that, I’ll need boxes and such.  And that will be another depressing day.

Of course, it doesn’t help when the day starts reading about you losing your job in the newspaper.

And I didn’t really feel like doing much after that.  I cleaned selected portions of the house in anticipation of Andie having a PEO social thing here tonight … to which I was decidedly uninvited.  Wrong gender.

So the day was feeling pretty bleak until I got a call from a friend late in the day, just before going to a wine tasting with my friend John while Andie had her event here.  That really made my day.

So, and up and down day.

I’ll try to write more later.



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