Some Encouragement

I’m making my list and checking it twice.  “Work your network”, everyone says, so I’ve spent a good deal of this afternoon thinking about people I know and making a list.

I was reminded today that part of what makes things exciting is the element of risk.  I think about the “exciting” things I’ve done in my life … from roller coasters  to flying little airplanes.  I remember being in an open-cockpit Steen Skybolt hanging from the straps in sustained inverted flight.  Looking up and seeing the ground 3000 feet “above” me.  Exciting, yes.  But part of that excitement was the knowledge that if I fell out, I was done.  It made me squeeze the gas tank with my knees.  I didn’t fall out.

That to say that this can be a very exciting time.  There’s a huge element of risk.  I’d love to stay in broadcasting, but I know I have to be open to any possibility that comes my way.  In the meantime, I know I need to be good to myself, take some time for myself, and focus on how I move on to what’s next.  I’m in control of my destiny, and I can choose to curl up in a fetal position blubbering on the bed, or I can go out and do what it takes to make this work for me.

I’ve been dealt a crappy hand, but folding isn’t an option, and it’s a difficult game in which to bluff.  So, we’ll play the cards and hope to pull an inside straight, or maybe draw to a full house.

Either way, I don’t intend to lose.

There will be discouraging days.  Andie says I’m allowed about 5 minute pity-parties … but no more.  I’ll probably take ten.  But if this is going to be about attitude, I need to bring a lot to the party.

39 names on the list so far.



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  1. Here’s a little encouragement for you, from a light hearted point of view. See Writing Frontier’s “When it rains” at

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