Back on TV

I did a First Coast Forum program tonight.  60 minutes on the proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution.  I’m not sure I know any more now than I did when the program began, but I think I’ve made up my mind how I’m going to vote on them.  It’s always interesting to talk with people who really know their stuff about these issues, and our panel tonight was good.   Two academics … but guys who could make it understandable.  Matt Corrigan from UNF and Steve Durden from Florida Coastal School of Law.  We also had Harvey Bennett from Florida Tax Watch.

It was the first time I’ve been on TV since Week in Review was canceled at the end of last month, and it felt pretty good.  I hope that by the time January rolls around I haven’t lost my edge.

The strangest thing is going to be no having Week in Review to host in the morning.  For the first time since we’ve been doing First Coast Forum, I don’t have to get up early and head to the studio in the morning for a second live show.  I have really mixed feelings about that.

I also haven’t been back to the WIR studio since we did the last show.  Christina said it looks really sad back there.  The set’s half struck and it’s full of photographers equipment.

So, tomorrow is Friday, and I’ll have to work Saturday morning for pledge.  Have Sunday off and hit it full bore Monday.

For tonight, it’s late and I’m tired.


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