Mmmmmm … Pork Roast

Well, I’m tired of politics for the moment, don’t have any good travel stories to tell, haven’t taken any photos to speak of recently, my cold is still hanging around …

The Jaguars won.  That’s good news.  We go to 3-3, which still gives us some playoff hopes.  I know, 6 games in with 10 to go may be a little early to be talking about that … but nice to be at .500.  Actually, they played well when they had to, Jones-Drew had a great game, as did Gerard, and they won on the road in Denver.  The Broncos are supposed to be a playoff team this year. So, way to go, guys.  You’ve breathed some life back into the season.  That kind of play needs to be on the field a little more consistently.  Maybe this game will be the start of that.

So, I was going to make Hot Dish for dinner tonight, but we have a big pot of ground beef – based soup in the fridge, and I didn’t want another one.  So, going through the store tonight, a little boneless pork roast started calling my name.  It’s one of the rib end roasts that has had the bones removed.  I took it out of the case and took it home.

Watching Rachel Ray a while back, I picked up this little trick for a glaze that’s really, really good.  It’s simply no-pulp orange juice concentrate and balsamic vinegar.  I think I’ve talked about it before on one of my food entries.  Anyway, I many some and took an injector and injected a bunch of the juice and vinegar into the roast.  There was about half left.  I put some kosher salt on the outside of the roast, added some ground horseradish to the balsamic and OJ, and painted that onto the outside of the roast.  I let that stand for about half an hour while I built the fire.

One chimney of charcoal separated to the far sides of the grill grate.  In between, a 9X9 foil pan with red wine and water.  On the grill, three sprigs of rosemary.  In the smoke pan, 3 big chunks of hickory.

I put the roast over the pan on top of the rosemary, closed the lid, and let the heat come up to about 375.

It took about 90 minutes for the internal temp of the roast to come up to about 155.  When I pulled the thermometer probe out, the juice just ran like a fountain.  I put it on a board under aluminum foil, and let it rest until we were ready for dinner … which was about an hour.

It was still warm when I took off the foil.  And juicy and tender and smokey and sweet and tangy … Oh – My – God.  It got raves from everybody.

I love that, with a few simple ingredients and some charcoal and wood chunks I can make something that good.

For the sides, I made some pasta and tossed it in some leftover sauce I had after braising short ribs the other day.  It was a puree of tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, and beef stock.  Just boiled the pasta to al dente, drained,poured the sauce into the pan and added back the pasta.  Toss to coat.  Steam some broccoli, and call it a good job.

For dessert, White box cake with lemon Jello poured in.  Bake the cake according to box directions … make the Jello according to box directions, perforate the cake with chopsticks, and pour in the Jello while it’s all still warm.  Put it in the fridge until it’s time to serve.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired.

A good dinner.  I wish I had taken some pictures before it all got served.

Next time.



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