Hopefully Getting Better

I feel about 70% human this evening … but there’s a big, hacking cough that crops up from time to time.  As usual with my colds, it started in the throat, spread through my head, took over my nose, made me feel like hell, and then settled into my lungs.  Thank god I don’t smoke any longer, or I’d be really sick.

I used to get this twice a year when I smoked and lived in a cold climate.  Dr. Kerr would just prescribe an antibiotic over the phone, and I’d go pick it up.  I’d lose my voice for a couple of days, sound like Barry White for a couple more, and then be OK.  Of course, losing one’s voice when your job is to be the morning show host is not the best thing going.

Since I quit smoking, I’ve been much better about these kinds of colds.  But still, every two or three years one gets a hold of me and I’m reminded why I quit smoking in the first place.

Well, except for an occasional cigar.

But I think I’m on the downside of this thing.

I had the chance to sit next to Stetson Kennedy at the JCCI Annual Meeting today.  He’s pretty much a legend around here.  I didn’t have much of a chance to talk to him, unfortunately.  He’s getting on in years, and I didn’t want to risk giving him my cold.  Stetson hung out with the likes of Woody Guthrie, and at one point in his life infiltrated the KKK … providing secret information to the writers of Superman comic books.  Superman beat the Klansmen in the episodes that resulted.

There’s much, much more, of course.  I’ve provided the link. Go read it for yourself.

So, just another average day at the continents’ edge.  Work is work, I did braised short ribs for dinner.  Andie’s mom is still in the hospital, so anything that gets better the longer it cooks is good right now.

Friday night, I’ll go to the Hail and Farewell for Rick.  Mikes’ coming up from Tampa, and it’ll be great to see him.  This weekend has an event at The Bookmark, our favorite fiercely independent bookstore in Atlantic Beach.  Rona doesn’t have a web site I can link to, which surprises me.  Sunday will be dinner at our house.

And so it goes.  Life by the sea really isn’t any different than life anywhere else … except the call of the ocean just a mile and a half to the east.  It’s a little bit slower out here, and usually just a little bit … nicer is all I can say.

Nothing earth shattering.  But then, who lives life like a novel anyway …


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