Sick Day

I have sat pretty much in this same chair out on the screen porch all day,  not wanting to move very much.

This cold has really kicked my butt.  I mean really.  It’s not terrible as far as any one symptom goes.  I have a bit of a headache, my throats’ a LITTLE sore, I have a KINDA stuffy nose and an occasional cough … but nothing terrible.  Still, when I stand up and try to move, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.

Well, ok, maybe not a truck.  Maybe a smart car.

Since the incubation period on a common cold is about 2 weeks, I’m guessing this one is the result of the trip to California a couple of weeks ago.  That’s a long, long time to be cooped up in an aluminum tube, flung through the air at 450 miles per hour at 39,000 feet with a hundred or more of your closest friends.  As much as I’ve been on airplanes this summer, I’m surprised this is the only one I got.

So, what do you do with a sick day.  Daytime television is anathema to anyone with more than one “X” chromosome.   I’ve spent most of the day reading various blogs, I worked the Sunday crossword puzzle, stumbled to the bathroom to take more Tylonol and since I’m forcing fluids … well there we stray into the realm of TMI.

I’m not good at being sick.  I think I can count on one hand the number of sick days I’ve taken from my current job for this kind of thing.  I took a couple of days when I had the lasik surgery, and maybe a week when I had my knee surgery … but for a cold.  I just don’t get them very often.  And when I do, it didn’t seem bad enough to stay home.  But today, I tried to drag myself out of bed and could barely make the phone to call in.  Since I don’t have a weekly show to worry about any longer, it was just NOT worth the trouble of getting myself cleaned up to go, and the risk of making someone else at work sick.  Better to just take it easy for a day.

Well, things seem to be moving, and it would appear I’m going to need a cough suppressant tonight to have any hope of getting any sleep.

I’ll close with this, as it’s nearly time for the debate.

OStone I will never, never, never see an Oliver Stone movie.  Ever.  Not won’t pay to see one.  If it’s on free at someone’s house, I’ll leave the room.  It wouldn’t matter if it was the best piece of filmmaking since “Citizen Kane”.  This release of “W.” in mid-October is the most blatant, obvious, transparent attempt to influence the election that I’ve ever seen.  I mean it’s really just appalling.  So, Mr. Stone, you’ve lost me.  And I will tell everyone I know to shun your movies, and I hope you leave this world destitute and friendless.  I know that’s not likely, but it’s happened to better artists than you.

Nice thought, huh.



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