An Afternoon in Rural Ohio

I thought I would get more pictures, but there were few places to pull off on the little two-lane road that the GPS gave us for a route between Oxford and Dayton.  It was a very pretty drive on a very pretty day, and I found a few things to shoot.

We’d dropped Jenni off at her dorm, saying she had studying and practicing to do.  it left us with several hours to kill before we needed to be on a plane in Dayton.  So, we started back off on the winding roads we’d driven Friday night, unable to see anything.  For the drive back, it was a clear, crisp, sunny, perfect autumn day.

For SaleWould you like to buy a house?  This one is for sale just north of Oxford.  I think it’s a bit of a fixer-upper.  Part of the roof looks fairly new, but there is that portion in the back that looks like it needs some work.  But, it’s status as an “investment” property, it gave me license to stop, tromp around a bit, and shoot some pictures.

There were sheets hanging in some of the windows.  Others were bare.  The grass needs very badly to be brush-hogged.

But there are outbuildings …

Ohio Barn

The deal is … the barn is kinda falling down, but it looks as if it was painted at least in the past couple of  years.  Now, there are slats missing from the front, shingles missing from the roof, the overhang is collapsing, I’m not sure how much value it adds to the property.  But as a model, it’s really cool.  There’s a shot on Flickr of the barn rendered in monochrome.  As always, it takes on an entirely different character in black and white.

One other observation about traveling through rural western Ohio for a couple of days.

I saw lots of McCain/Palin signs out on farms and in small towns.  Hardly any Obama/Biden signs.  Now, an unscientific survey of yard signs is no indication of the mood of the country.  I can only report what I saw.  On the Miami of Ohio campus, there were volunteers from both camps handing out stickers going into the  football game, and Jenni’s boyfriend was lamenting that he was not going to be able to take advantage of free tickets to see Karl Rove speak on campus.  Apparently they were snapped up in 17 minutes, and a friend had a connection who offered him some ducats.  But he has a previous commitment and can’t go to the lecture.

I’m glad Jen is taking advantage of some of those opportunities.  They went to a lecture given by Thomas Friedman, and said “We WILL go see Garrison Keillor when he’s on campus” next month.  I loved hearing her talk about listening to Diane Rehm and Prairie Home.  I need to drop a note to Cleve Callison and thank him for good programming.

Oh look, a chicken.  I got a bit sidetracked.  I’m sure pollsters concentrate on urban areas.  When Obama was behind in the polls, for about 20 minutes last month, the left was justifying it by saying nobody polls cell phones, and all Obama’s voters are young and many don’t have landlines.  But I wonder if the pollsters called numbers that were in rural areas, even among a split (unweighted) sample between Republicans and Democrats what they would find.

It was Mark Twain who said “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics”.

28 days to go.



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  1. Great Blog! I too love rural Ohio and blog about its interesting nuances..its quite charming, isn’t it?

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