Oxford Family Weekend

First the bad news.  The Redhawks lost their Family Weekend Football Game by a dismal 28-10 margin.  They almost made it close in the 3rd quarter, but it’s the only quarter they came to play.

Oxford 9

This is High Street in Oxford, where Miami of Ohio lives.  It’s one of those little towns you can find peppered throughout the country where it wouldn’t really exist if it weren’t for a college or university helping it thrive.  Bloomington, Indiana comes to mind, or Gainesville, Florida.

Oxford is a very pretty little town, and here in early October, with the leaves just beginning to change and a crisp blueness to the sky … this was certainly a Chamber of Commerce day.  And a beautiful day for sports, ladies and gentlemen, and puke it up when you say that.

We got in last night, had coffee at the little independent coffee shop, where a local college band was having severe technical difficulties setting up their sound reinforcement, then down the street to a local bar for some bar food. We met Jen’s new boyfriend Jay, who seems really nice and has a level head on his shoulders at least as far as I can tell having spent all of about 3 hours with him.

Jen March But while many might have thought this weekend was about football, it was really about the 15 minutes or so the marching band was on the field in pre-game concert, pre-game show, and halftime show.  One of the principal reasons Jenni came to Oxford was because of the marching band program, and she’s minoring in Music Performance.  She’s always loved the band, and I’m glad she’s taken such an interest in music.  I’ve said it often before in this blog, but she’s extremely talented, and takes it seriously.  She knows how to make her dad proud.

The halftime show as very good, though we sat so close to the field (thanks for the tickets, Steve) that we couldn’t really see the formations as they developed.  Watching a top-notch marching band on the field is a thing of beauty, every bit as complex as the plays drawn up for the players, and just as choreographed as a ballet.  The kids obviously worked very hard, and they did very well indeed.

I’m sure the football team worked hard as well, but there was no Ben Roethlisburger at QB for the Redhawks this day.

Cincy Night 2

Jenni went shopping with her mom after the game, which left Andie and I on our own for dinner.  We wound up just across the Ohio River in Kentucky at a restaurant that overlooked the river.  I love the river traffic … several faux sternwheelers, a handful of runabouts, and one big barge tow crossed in front of us as we overate this evening.  I guess it doesn’t matter where or what the water is, I want to be near it if I can be.  This night it was along the riverfront looking back at the Queen City.

We’re back to Jacksonville tomorrow, thought not until late, and back to work on Monday.  But I’m very glad we made time to come up to Ohio this weekend.  Tomorrow, I’ll be glad to be home.  And I think I’ll take that Business Class upgrade on Air Tran again tomorrow if it’s available.



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