After the Debate

I watched the debate.  I’m not sure I could pick a “winner”.  Biden didn’t commit any huge gaffes, which is a plus and unusual for him.  Palin seemed to hold her own.  Both had their instances of not answering questions, which is de rigueur for political discourse.  I’ve interviewed enough politicians to know that they normally try to avoid answering a question directly unless they know their answer is universally politically popular.

I had to turn off CNN in the analysis when Solodad O’Brian polled her focus group of undecided voters, by a show of hands who won the debate.  I saw a pretty even split among the “focus group”, but O’Brian said it was obviously overwhelming that Biden won.   I wish she had taken time to count.  She was great when she was the tech babe on MSNBC or where ever she was.  She’s pretty obviously in the tank for Obama.

McCains’ been counted out before … and wrongly.  Ask Fred Thompson, Rudy Gulliani, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romeny, et. al.  Barack O’Bama’s never been in a real fight.

And let’s not forget that all the pundits, all the networks, all the exit polling indicated that John Kerry should be finishing his first term right now and campaigning for his second.

So, we’ll just have to wait for the next 32 days to see what will happen.  They’re going to hold an election no matter what.  Might as well go vote.

Meanwhile, I met one of the candidates for Mayor of Neptune Beach tonight.  Seemed knowledgeable and pretty down to earth.  We’ll see.

Sometimes, I really wish I could write what I think.  I’m constrained because people expect me to be impartial, and I try really, really hard to be that.  Regardless of my opinions, and no one expects me not to have them, I like to think I treat everyone fairly.  But if I really wrote what I thought, and that became widely circulated, any pretense of objectivity would be out the window.  I will say that I’m a very moderate person.  I don’t consider myself an ideologue.   I do wish there was more blatant fairness.  From my perspective, I really don’t see a lot of that.

Tomorrow, it’s off to Oxford (Ohio) to see Jen.  I’m looking forward to that a lot, but I’ll try to keep up the blog as well.  There should be plenty of good photo ops in Ohio in the fall.



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