Hollywood in Black and White

It’s amazing how removing color can change the nature of a photograph, and your impression of a place.

Hollywood Sign 15bw

This, for instance, could be a still from a 1940’s movie.  Yet, it was taken a couple of weeks ago.  Still, the iconic Hollywood sign looks really good in monochrome.  I was surprised to discover that it was not lit at night, which was a bit disappointing.

Hollywood Blvd 26

You have to look closely at this shot of Hollywood Boulevard and notice that the cars are modern before you realize it’s not an old photo.

Of course, Hollywood wouldn’t be Hollywood without it’s characters.  This guy came into the middle of the outdoor mall, sat down near the fountain, and started flinging pins.  He didn’t seem to mind having his picture taken.

You can probably tell I didn’t have a lot to write about tonight.  It’s late, and I just didn’t want to think that much.   So, why not throw up some photos and call it a good job.

This weekend, it’s off to Ohio for parent’s weekend at Miami of Ohio … and we get to meet Jenni’s new boyfriend …



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