Last Show Tomorrow … Part II

I’ll be sure to take some pictures of the studio and crew before they strike the set.  But that’s not the last show I’m writing about tonight.

Milk2a milk It’ll be my last improv show for a while, too.  I’m as bummed about that as losing the television show.

We’ll be at the Ocean Club Liquor Store tomorrow night at 8:00 (ish).  It’ll be a crew of 4, just Scott, Della, Don G, and myself.  Jeff’s blown out his knee playing soccer.  He won’t be able to play for a couple of months.  And, with Scott and Della leaving for West (by God) Virginia … it’d be down to just Don G and me.  That ain’t gonna work, even as talented as Don is.  So I suppose we’ll have to wait until Jeff rehabs, and then see if we can get a gig at Comedy Zone, or go back into The OC.  I hope we find something.

I was talking to Scott this afternoon about my play.  He said I’ve really, really improved since taking the time off after the demise of IJ.  Maybe it’s the lack of pressure of trying to make the main crew, maybe it’s just letting some stuff go.  I think it’s just because he asked me.  There’s nothing like being wanted.  I was so flattered when he started putting this back together again, and he asked me to play.  It was like NOT being picked last for kickball in elementary school.  And if you’ve ever been picked last … you know exactly what I mean.

So, I have stepped it up.  I actually can feel that.  I hope we’re able to stay together and make it work after Scott and Della leave … Don G, Jeff, and me.  Jesse, who was part of IJ as well has expressed an interest in working with us as well … and that would be a ton of fun.  She’s a good improviser, teaches a class so can bring new talent, and is just smart and fast and fun.

But for now, I have to say goodbye to two shows tomorrow.  I’ll manage to get through that, but I’m definitely taking one of my Cuban cigars for after the show.  I’ll raise a glass, light a Cubano, and toast the closing of two chapters in one day.  The good news is, the TV chapter will be replaced by a new radio product that should be challenging and fun.  The improv chapter, I hope, will continue.  I do know that I doubt I’d approach the call-in show with as much confidence if I hadn’t done the improvising.

Heck, I’m only 50.  There’s plenty of time.



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