Shaky Side

This is going to be a crazy-long day.  For real.  I was up before 6am EDT in Florida, and now I’m in Hollywood, California, where it’s only 6:15 pm.  I’m meeting some people for dinner tonight at 8:00 … which is 11:00 by my body’s clock.  Then meetings at NPR West tomorrow.  We’ll see how we do.

But, as is my wont, I shot some photographs when I got here … not having anything better to do.  And so, with out further adieu …

Hollywood Sign I’ve got to say that I hadn’t been off the plane very long before I remembered why I didn’t enjoy living here all that much.  Flying in this afternoon, on a 737-800 that MIGHT have had one seat available … I looked across from my aisle seat out the window on approach … and saw the sprawl that is Los Angeles disappearing off into the smoggy haze that just hangs over this place.  Now, I didn’t do a lot of color correction on these picture … and you can see the sky is nicely blue and the air looks pretty clear.  But when you’re looking off to the horizon, it’s pretty smoggy.  I HAD forgotten how cool the mountains look off in the distance … looming out of the haze.

Hollywood renaissance I’m staying here at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, courtesy of CPB, to work on State of the Re:Union with Al Letson.  Everyone else on the committee was already here for the PRPD, so I got to fly out for about 36 hours.  I know I’d hate to travel like this on business for a living … but I know a lot of people do it.  I like being able to be home and just drive to work every day.  It’s more my style.

But, as long as I’m here … I might as well try to enjoy it a bit.  There was a bit of a traffic jam on the way here, even on Saturday afternoon.  They just can’t build enough freeway to keep up with the number of cars in this ultimate car culture.  In later posts, I’ll show some of the contrasts that I’m able to capture in just the short time I’m here.  Like most places, they can be pretty stark.  And the amount of gang tagging I saw driving here from LAX was pretty astounding.  Very difficult to shoot from a moving shuttle van, however.

Meanwhile, this hotel is right on Hollywood Boulevard.  So here are a few of the sights I’ve seen.


Looking down Hollywood Boulevard.

Juggler Guy

A random Juggler Guy in the open-air mall here.


And yes … the Tin Man.

Everything’s posted up on Flickr.

Dinner’s in just under 90 minutes … so I should probably hit the shower and hose off the road.


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