The Party that Cried Gaffe

nopol3 It seems that every time John McCain opens his mouth … the MSM and left-leaning blogosphere cries GAFFE!!  And if they do it often enough, it might lose its effectiveness.

Not the the right is a LOT better, but they’re not calling EVERYTHING Obana says is a gaffe.

I wonder when they’ll realize that they need to save that “gaffe” label for something that’s really a gaffe.  They’re trying so hard to make McCain look so bad that they’re only hurting themselves in the process, IMHO.  I think everyone knows that Daily Kos and Huffington Post and Memorandum and Talking Points Memo and so many others that try to vilify anything either Republican candidates says.

I understand partisanship.  Really I do.  But if you want to make a point about a gaffe, then you should wait until there’s really a gaffe.

I really think the whole thing with saying he’d fire the SEC chairman is not a gaffe.  I think if the President asks for your resignation, you probably give it to him or her and you’re out of a job.  That’s a lot like being fired.  Not really a gaffe, IMHO.

I didn’t hear the interview where he dissed the Spanish Prime Minister, but I did read the transcript, and I think he’s probably saying what he thinks.  It might not be the most diplomatic way to express his thoughts, but basically I got that our friends and allies need to act like our friends and allies … and that maybe Spain wasn’t living up to it’s part of the bargain.  That was my takeaway, at least.   And those who did hear the interview alluded to the fact that the interviewer was very hard to understand.  Not an excuse, but maybe an explanation.

Of course, nobody anywhere is mentioning that Joe Biden asked a man in a wheelchair to “stand up and be recognized”, or that paying higher taxes is “patriotic”.  He was basically telling the 1% of the population that pays about 50-60% if the taxes to “man up” and pay more … for the good of the country.  No gaffe there.

So maybe they should back off just a bit.  If McCain really makes a gaffe, then who’s gonna believe it when they’ve been shouting “GAFFE” for a month.  Like the boy that cried wolf, nobody will listen.

And regardless of what I might want … I don’t think it’s what they want.



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