And The Disillusionment …


I was reading some blogs today, and I guess I should just stop.  But why are we not talking about issues 50 days from the election?  Not McCain, not Obama, not Biden, not Palin … nobody.  It’s all about the “(s)he’s not right for America because…” or “(s)he’s a liar because…” or “(s)he’s distorting or not telling the truth or twisting the facts or is an out-and-out liar”.

And that’s the MSM.  The blogosphere is worse.  And I’ve GOT to stop reading the comments sections.

I’ve begun to skip any comment, or article for that matter, that refers to any of the following:

nopol3 McSame

Bush 3rd Term





Basically, any phrase or designation that sounds like 3rd grade name calling.  I mean seriously.  I’ve heard more reasoned discourse on an elementary school playground.

I know who I want to win this election.  I’m NOT among the undecideds.  But I can’t even read the stuff I agree with any more.  So I guess it’s a good thing I’m not undecided.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are.  I can’t imagine trying to make a decision based on what I’m reading and hearing from the MSM AND the blogopsphere these days.  If you’re undecided, please try to find a way to make an informed decision.  Find a way to cut through the clutter and all the bullshit and the name calling and the crap that just doesn’t make a fart in a whirlwinds’ difference.

We need that.



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