Man, That Hurt, and Other Random Things

I got the bike tire changed, everything aired up, and went to bed too late.  Still, I managed to drag my carcass out of bed this morning 5:45, get on the bike shorts, and get on the road.

It was breezy, mostly out of the southeast, which made the southbound leg a struggle.  When I turned back to the north, it wasn’t a nice coast the 9 miles back home.  And when I got home, I hurt.

So, I may take tomorrow off.  I haven’t decided yet.


No imporv this weekend.  We’ve been pre-empted by something else at the OC Liquor Store.  It’s OK, as I MIGHT be going to the WJCT 50th Anniversary Black Tie Gala. If not, we’ll spend a Friday evening at home.


I made my last post private.  I decided that my personal political beliefs were probably not appropriate for someone who needs to be seen as impartial.  Somewhere it’s Google cached, but I hope it’s not going to cause me a problem.  Only 9 people looked at the post before I basically took it down, and hopefully no one is looking.


We’re slowly but surely getting mom moved into her house.  One of her cats has been hiding, but coming out when she gets hungry.   Actually, Tim found her yesterday hiding behind a dresser in the garage we were getting ready to move.  Obviously, she’s way out of sorts, having been moved 900 or so miles from anything she’s ever known.

So, not a lot to write tonight.  I think I’ll just call it a night.



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