How Does THIS Happen

I think I know exactly when I nicked the back tire of my bicycle  yesterday, but not what I ran over.  Regardless, I got up this morning and the tire, which normally holds 135 pounds psi of air was only at about 6o.  It wouldn’t inflate over 120, and there was a steady hissing sound when I took the pump off the tire.

I go through more tires on this bike.  I think I’ve gotten all of 3 rides out of this current back inner tube.

And they’re not inexpensive.

Oh well, I’ll change the tire after work tonight and hit it again in the morning.  At least I spent a couple of hours on yardwork yesterday, AND rode 17.5 miles in the morning.

Andie’s already up, so no reason to try to go back to sleep.  The coffee should be about done …


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