Random Things

Some random thoughts for a Sunday evening.

Mom has arrived from Indiana … to stay.  We spent the better part of today moving things in to her new house and unpacking boxes.  I think it’s going to be really good once she gets acclimated.  Her garage is full right now, and I mean full.  We got most of the main pieces into the house, and placed.  Grandpa and Grandma Hauenstein made it to their place of honor on top of the hutch cabinet in the alcove, and now look sternly out over the entire living room.  There’s still a chandelier to hang, Lots of kitchen to unpack. Hell lots of EVERYTHING to unpack.

I brought home a couple of things I didn’t expect to, including a little end table / file cabinet thing that works perfectly on my side of the couch.  I left the big measuring cup … but I’ll get that sometime in the next couple of days.

It’s weird when I think that I won’t be going back to the big limestone foursquare in Indiana again, and that all that stuff is now down here in Florida.  I don’t know how I really feel about that yet, but no matter … it’s done.  Bedford, Indiana, is devoid of Pattons and Fursts for the first time since sometime in the 1890’s.


I was talking to Jenni the other day, and she said she was watching Sara Palin’s speech from the Republican Convention online.  While I’m not at all unhappy about her choice (I think she’ll vote for McCain/Palin), I’m even happier that she’s engaged.  Lots of kids her age don’t have any interest in politics, and so many of them seem to be so swept up in the Obama phenomenon that I’m glad she’s at least not just following the crowd and trying to make an informed choice.  I also hope she’ll be a leader on campus.  It’s difficult to be a conservative on a college campus … and more rare to be a conservative woman.  Still, I think she’ll do just fine.


The Jaguars lost their opener to Tennessee.  They’ve always struggled with Tennessee.  The good news is, the Colts are behind to Chicago, so while we’ll have a division loss and the Colts could lose as well.  They’d still be a half game ahead, but I don’t think Tennessee can go the distance, and Chris Collinsworth mentioned Jacksonville as a Super Bowl contender at halftime.  I hope he’s right.  Tom Brady doing down with a knee injury in week one is really bad news for him personally and New England … but not so bad for the rest of the league.  It’s not like he hasn’t made enough money already, but nobody likes to see a player of his caliber cut down by an injury pretty much in his prime.


And with that, I need to go make lunch for tomorrow, and think about getting to bed.  I’ve got to get back to the bike this week, and since Ike gave NE Florida a pass, I don’t have any excuses.



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