Some Black and White

I only have a few minutes to get something posted tonight, so let me show you a couple of photos that just screamed “black and white” to me when I shot them.

imageI knew when I saw this barn that I was going to convert it to black and white.  Sometimes you just have a feeling.  The sagging roofline and bowed walls just scream “take my picture and render it in shades of gray” … at least to me.  When you look at the picture full size, I think you’ll agree.

The barn was up on a a narrow, winding gravel road in the mountains of North Carolina.  The thing was, I think the people who own it still use it.  There do seem to be a few things stacked on the ground inside the barn.

The same can’t be said for the house.image

Even the “decorative” wagon wheel at the left side of the house can’t put lipstick on this pig.  I’d swear I had the camera level when I shot this, but it’s possible that the house is listing a bit to port.  It was on the same property as the barn, but I’m thinking they’ve pretty much given up on it.  The thing is, you know this house was once someone’s home.  Kids played in the fields and mountains, when they weren’t in school or working in those fields.  But no doubt, someone built a newer, bigger, fancier house nearby, and this one was just left to molder.

imageI think this one someone still uses.  It’s at the base of the driveway leading up to Happy Hour Ridge.  There’s stuff on the porch, and reasonably fresh tire tracks leading up to the cabin.  It doesn’t get used a lot … but it gets used.

OK … I have about 5 minutes left to post this to get something up today, so I’m going for the “publish” button.  I’m working tomorrow, and Mom’s finally here for good.  So there will be some moving of furniture the next couple of days.

That means I’d probably better be prone soon.



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