The Birds and the Bees …

… and the butterflies.  It’s really a lot of fun to travel.  You begin to see things with a bit of a different eye, and I love to see different things.  But sometimes the things are the same, but the setting makes them special.

Chickadee 3 The feeder hanging behind the back deck at Crosswinds draws a wide variety of upland nesting birds.  This black-capped chickadee made several trips to the feeder.  He was cooperative enough to pose for a few shots.  We have these here as well, but there’s something special about seeing them up in the mountains.  The setting up on the ridge makes them seem more at home.  The way the feeder is hung it’s right at eye level, and perfect for the camera lens as well.

Bird Feeder 4

But the chickadees weren’t the only visitors.  This jay poked his head over the top of the plastic wall of the feeder to dig for the choice sunflower seeds.  He (or is it she?  I don’t know.) seemed to be aware of me and my camera, even standing several feet away on the deck … about as quiet as I could be.  He went about his business, fattening himself up for the coming winter.

It was already in the air up in the mountains.  Just a bit of briskness in the morning, the fog hugging the ridgeline, obscuring the next range of mountains.  At night, the stars shone in the black night mountain sky.  A few of the trees were already staring to show fall colors, largely due to the prolonged dry spell most likely.  But summer was still in full flower as well.

Bee CU As we wandered around some of the wide places in the road that pass for towns in northwest North Carolina, we stopped at a pottery “showroom” that was simply a shed with some shelves displaying the handmade mugs and bowls and such.  Very nice stuff.  But outside, the bees were doing what bees do.  Gathering pollen to take back to the hive to produce honey.  And in the process, assuring that next years flowers and vegetables and fruits are ready for us to enjoy.  The bees were hard at work in the flowers outside Two Chicks and Chet’s Mountain Fork Pottery.  I’m only sorry we missed the labor day show … which for some reason ended the day before Labor Day.  But no matter.

BflyCU2 The bees weren’t the only pollinators working the room.  Whether up on the mountaintop where a strangely opulent castle sits vacant in foreclosure waiting for a half-million-dollar buyer to gobble up the multi-million-dollar views to the side of the road outside the pottery to the bank of the creek that runs outside Bakersville … the butterflies were everywhere.  And frankly, unlike the birds, the bees and the butterflies are are much prettier from a distance … but like the birds, fascinating to see up close.

I took lots of pictures of big things up in the mountains.  There are a lot of big things up there … from the mountains themselves to plunging waterfalls and spectacular valley vistas.  But these small things could be easy to overlook.   I have to say, I’m glad I didn’t.



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