Labor Day in the Mountains

We’re at the top of a mountain just outside Bakersville, North Carolina, at Andie’s dad’s place.  I’ve been hearing about this house in the mountains since Andie and I began seeing each other, and it really lives up to its billing.

Friday night after the improv show, which went really, really well, BTW, and you should all come out to one soon, we started north and drove as far as Savannah, getting in around 3:00 am.  Of course, we had both been starving, so we got something to eat before we left Jacksonville, otherwise we’d have been up there around 2:00.

River House View We got underway about 9:00 after breakfast Saturday, and drove up to Charlotte, North Carolina, where Andie’s Aunt has a house on the Catawaba River. We stopped for about an hour and a half, long enough for her uncle Fred to try to murder a snake that swam up under the boat house.  It’s possibly a cotton mouth, but still, the 12 gauge shotgun was probably a little overkill for the little bitty snake.Cotton Mouth

He missed, both times.  I was rooting for the snake.

So, we came on north, through Spruce Pine, across the Blue Ridge Parkway, and into Bakersville.  We’re just northeast of Asheville.

The property is up on a high ridge which in the wintertime overlooks the town.  This time of year, there are far too many leaves on the trees to see any of the town.  We took a half dozen wrong turns, finding our way up the side of the mountain.  I think every wrong turn we could make we did.  Finally, we found the motor home at the bottom of the steepest part of the driveway, and knew we were in the right place.

We came up the hill, probably an 8 percent grade, and got to the house.

Crosswind Sunset 1 This was the sunset Saturday night, from the back deck at Crosswinds.  There is a double-wide manufactured home up here, along with the original cabin, a big garage, and spectacular views.  The road up to the house is gravel, with switchbacks and an amazing tree canopy.  It’s delightfully cool, a wonderful breeze coming over the ridge, the humidity’s low, and I’m sure 9 months out of the year, it’s perfect.  I don’t think I’d want to spend the winter up here.  I’ve gotten way too fond of warm winters and a nearby ocean.  But I can see us coming up here more often.

We played tourist today, drove over to Little Switzerland for lunch along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It’s perfect for the convertible.  Cool.  Narrow, winding roads with complete tree canopies.  Spectacular overlooks.  Very nice.

I love to travel to the mountains … but I’ve become a creature of the low country and the tides.  But at only 8 hours to get here … I think this might be a really nice little getaway.



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